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Sample feedback mechanism: Youth led rating tool

In systematic and regular intervals, students give their feedback on our CSE course by "voting" with beans. This participatory research method is a fun alternative to more traditional tools such as interviews, focus groups, and surveys – and it provides “real-time” data to our educators and staff to serve students better. We have used this method to assess different dimensions of our accountability, such as students' trust in their educator, students' opinions on the quality of CSE courses, and if students feel the CSE program is relevant to their lived experiences.


“A girl from 6th grade approached me in the street and she said, ‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen you for bean-voting, when will you be around next?’ She was completely serious when she said it. So, it is obvious that the bean-voting is very important for the students.” – Projet Jeune Leader supervising staff

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