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Henintsoa Razanamiary



Henintsoa is an Accountant at Projet Jeune Leader. She is based in Fianarantsoa but works closely with other members of our finance and administration team across our three regional hubs to track our budgets and expenses, interface with field teams to ensure procedures are followed, and generally oversee efficient financial operations. Henintsoa is passionate about contributing her skills for social good. She has worked in finance and accounting at a number of civil society organizations, including FERT/CAP, FERT/AROPA, the NGO Akanin’ny Marary Ambositra, the USAID project Mikolo Ambositra, and the NGO AJIPAD. Most recently, she worked for a private company as Manager of Finance and Administration.

Henintsoa Razanamiary

I believe in the importance of Projet Jeune Leader’s mission because young people face so many challenges growing up. As someone who was their age not that long ago, I feel I cannot be complacent. Working for a youth development organization, I am able to do my part and take on a role to help the next generation.

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