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Learning series: Towards a scalable model of comprehensive sexuality education in Madagascar




To realize impact at scale, Projet Jeune Leader is working alongside Madagascar’s Ministry of Education to mainstream our comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) program into the country’s education system.

To capture our implementation learnings and processes in (near) real-time, we developed this series of briefs which distill the package of strategies we used to deliver and scale this promising model of CSE in Madagascar’s public school system. We are actively adding to this resource library throughout 2023 and 2024.

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Explore the Collection

And come back throughout 2023 and 2024 as we add new learning briefs! .PNG

Pre-Service Training Program Design and Delivery: Building capacity, opportunity, and motivation among CSE Educators

This brief describes the design and content of Projet Jeune Leader’s multi-faceted, pre-service training program—one strategy out of a package of strategies we used and tested—to develop well-equipped, willing, and skilled Educators for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in Madagascar. .PNG

Multi-faceted impacts of Projet Jeune Leader:
Understanding what matters most to educational authorities

This brief describes the participatory research process we employed with educational authorities in Madagascar to understand their priorities and values—important feedback for Projet Jeune Leader (PJL)’s efforts to build public support for and scale comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in the public education system in Madagascar.

Discover our Other Resources

Image Cover - Ampitapitao Resource.png
Amplifying Local Knowledge and Closing the Gap between Local Perspectives and Decision-Making

To close the gap between local perspectives and decisions made at the higher level about reproductive health and family planning, we developed the “Ampitapitao” magazine series, capturing over 8,000 comments from local community members in the process.

CSE We Can Count On Cover_edited.jpg
CSE We Can Count On

Through this toolkit, we share strategies and practical tools for how to build and harness community support for in-school CSE, drawing upon our experience building lasting, trusting relationships with our partner communities.

Collab Filmmaking Cover.png
Collaborative Filmmaking Research: Shifting Public Attitudes on CSE

Using an innovative, participatory research methodology called collaborative filmmaking, we produced new insights into how our CSE Educators have been able to shift attitudes in support for sexuality education at the community level in Madagascar.

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