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Engaging teachers in supporting CSE: Projet Jeune Leader's lessons learned from a parallel teacher's program

We captured our lessons learned from delivering a special session for teachers in our partner schools in this document.


Teacher knowledge on PJL’s approach and impact improved after they participated in the session led by PJL Educators. In the survey results, 98% of the teachers said that the topics taught by PJL Educators contribute to the education of middle schoolers and help them prepare their future well. Only 1.6% of the teachers had no opinion on the matter and 0.4% disagreed.

During the in-depth follow-up interviews, the teachers explained that the class simulation and explanation of the topics included in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade curricula helped them better understand the activities and objectives of Projet Jeune Leader. They explained that before, they did not really understand the impact of Projet Jeune Leader on students but now, they became convinced that students changed as a result of the PJL classes.

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