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Sam O'Keefe

Research, Analysis, and Synthesis Associate


Sam is our Research, Analysis, and Synthesis Associate. In this role, he performs various research activities – from literature reviews of existing research to analysis of Projet Jeune Leader’s primary data – and synthesizes findings for external and internal audiences, helping expand Projet Jeune Leader’s visibility and reach with international partners and informing the development of our programs. Sam is passionate about the intersection of research and policy in global health and education. His interest in how healthcare and education systems can be democratized – particularly through grassroots, participatory approaches – grew out of his work on a community health project in Haiti and with migrant populations in Paris. Most recently, Sam served as an English Teaching Assistant through the Fulbright Program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Sam O'Keefe

I am honored to be part of the Projet Jeune Leader team, and to have the unique opportunity to collaborate with and learn from such an impassioned group of young, visionary professionals. Every day provokes so many ideas, questions, and reflections inspired by PJL’s programs and the larger field our work sits in – on the theory, how it translates into practice, and the inherent complexities within that process. I look forward to further challenge and growth to come!

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