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Hanitra Randriamadio

Partnerships and Special Projects Manager


As Partnerships and Special Projects Manager, Hanitra takes the lead developing and maintaining our partnerships with diverse entities, and supports a cross-section of Projet Jeune Leader’s strategic initiatives. She first joined Projet Jeune Leader as an Educator, working at Idanda middle school in Fianarantsoa as a member of our second-ever cohort of Educators in 2014. In the years since, she has brought her dynamism and creativity to a number of positions at the organization. As pedagogy coordinator, she led the charge to overhaul our Educator training process. As pedagogy manager, she helped rewrite our curricula and identified in-service training opportunities for our Educators. Hanitra has become one of our strongest advocates, expanding our partnerships with government officials and introducing Projet Jeune Leader to new partners. In November 2018, she was invited to Kigali, Rwanda to represent Projet Jeune Leader at the International Family Planning Conference. In addition to working full-time at Projet Jeune Leader, Hanitra obtained a Masters I degree in management in 2019 and a Masters II degree in 2021.

Hanitra Randriamadio

Youth form the backbone of Projet Jeune Leader. I can attest to how much our youthful spirit reflects in our impatience for change and ambitious visions for Madagascar. This fun and empowering ambiance fuels us. As we exchange different points of view, ideas, skills, and talents, we enrich each other’s passion for our work which is singular in its approach in Madagascar.

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